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Meet one of Roooz Planet’s cutest stuffed animals, Goooshi the energetic. Super-energetic kids will identify with Goooshi, who’s always on the go. She delivers the news to all the Rooozians — and she can’t keep a secret, so watch what you say!

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Meet the Kooky, Cuddly, Cute Stuffed Animals From Roooz Planet!

From faraway Roooz Planet come a child’s best friends. Roooz Planet proudly introduces their original, unique collection of cute stuffed animals. They are not just plush toys, they are plush friends. Roozians are plush toys to awaken a child’s imagination. Every child would love to play with these funny and friendly creatures. In Roooz Planet, Love and passion for our work drive everything we do. Thank you for visiting RooozPlanet, a world of wonder, joy, and imagination. We hope you enjoy our characters as much as we enjoy creating them!

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Luxurious super soft plush fabric, Polyester filler.


Tested against & passed U.S, Europe, and Australia plush toy safety standards.

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