Roooz Planet Introduces one of their many unique stuffed animals, Pooochi the runner. Pooochi is the perfect playmate for kids who like to run around. He’s fast on his feet but easily distracted, so he’s often late to get where he’s going.

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Meet the Kooky, Cuddly, Cute Stuffed Animals From Roooz Planet!

From faraway Roooz Planet come a child’s best friends. Roooz Planet proudly introduces their original, unique collection of cute stuffed animals. They are not just plush toys, they are plush friends. Roozians are plush toys to awaken a child’s imagination. Every child would love to play with these funny and friendly creatures. In Roooz Planet, Love and passion for our work drive everything we do. Thank you for visiting RooozPlanet, a world of wonder, joy, and imagination. We hope you enjoy our characters as much as we enjoy creating them!

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Luxurious super soft plush fabric, Polyester filler.


Tested against & passed U.S, Europe, and Australia plush toy safety standards.

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