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About Us

RooozPlanet exists to make high-quality toys and apparel for kids which encourage creativity, imagination and acceptance. Our work is the result of love, passion, and excitement.  The name “Roooz” (the additional o is intentional!) comes from its creator, Rooz Mousavi, a Los Angeles based product designer. Rooz has over 15 years of experience in design. Prior to starting RooozPlanet, he designed for companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Nokia, and Adidas after getting his degree from one of the top-ranked design schools, the Art Center College of Design. While Rooz excelled in the corporate design space, his true passion has always been for creatures, “Rooozians,” as it were. He enjoys working in the toy market, designing with no boundaries for his abundant imagination. That’s why there are over 2500 Rooozians and more are “coming alive” every day!

If you look closely at a Rooozian, you’ll notice they all look funny and goofy which reflects Rooz’s personality- a funny, goof, and happy person! All of these creatures have been living in his brain until he sketched them out and brought them into RooozPlanet. After Rooz completed his sketches, his wife who had experience with fashion design made patterns and handmade samples for the first set of characters while looking for the best materials and factories to produce the plushies in. It took 3 years to find a factory good enough to exactly replicate Rooz’s drawings, but it was worth it!

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